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Relaxing in the sun while your children play safely

Baby Park

A world tailored for kids, where fun is the rule!

If it’s true that play is a serious matter and that happiness is built from a young age, our outdoor Baby Park is perfect for giving children fun and unforgettable experiences while you relax in the tranquillity of the mountains, accompanied by the echoes of their laughter.

Safety in the midst of nature

Our Baby Park is a large wooded and fenced area located in front of the hotel’s entrance, filled with colourful games, wooden playhouses, slides, and swings. It’s free for guests but also open to outsiders, offering a safe and peaceful environment, far from traffic and surrounded by loungers and tables, allowing you to take a break while the children play happily and explore the beauty of mountain nature.

But what if it rains or it’s too cold? We head to the indoor game room because nothing should stop the children from smiling and playing!